Hey Dolls,

With the chill in the air I find myself always ramping up my vitamin intake. For the obvious preventative care of my body but I feel that helps to sustain the yummy nourishment of summer. An endless supply of vitamin D coupled with consistent activity, the warmer months seem to be some what brainless for me when its comes to health.

I can’t be the only one…so I thought I’d share my winter regimen to see if  you guys do something similar.

Honestly, I have to kick things into over drive the minute the temperature drops to 50 degrees. Year round I mix jojoba oil with my lotion for a deeper moisturized effect on my skin and take a biotin pill daily for my nails. Now for the colder months for my hair, Jamaican castor oil is my best friend! If I can’t find the time to designate to a thorough deep condition treatment, an easy application of the oil to my wet strands to seal lasts at least 5 days before I need to apply a daily moisturizer.


Fitness is key no matter that time of year but as they say 80% of the battle is eating right and that can greatly affect not just your skin but your hair and over all health. Water, water, water and a balanced diet can provide amazing results from a clearer complexion to less hair breakage.


Finally, I’m not the first to say it, but protective styles are key for the fall/winter. Now, I don’t wear braids or weaves so I have to get a bit more crafty with my protective styles. I do tend to do a lot of topknots that I keep in the same position for 2-3 days (don’t judge me), a nice and neat roll and tuck (to protect my ends) that I keep in for a week at a time or a turban for the weekends.


-Dani xx

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