Everyone loves attending weddings – the location, or exciting event schedule but more importantly, seeing the blushing bride walk down the aisle. Nowadays weddings are not only nerve wrecking for the bride and her entourage but the guest too are under some pressure to make a statement (yet not too much of one)

There is always this unspoken war when deciding how to dress for these occasions. Choosing between an ensemble that consist of prints or a solid color can make or break you and making sure you don’t match the wedding party (told you, pressure).

For some reason the idea of wearing prints to a formal occasion is something not done by many; however, to a wedding wearing prints is the number one way to ensure your not classified among the wedding party. Spring prints are unique and get more bizarre as the seasons past, therefore electing one not only keeps you on trend it also eliminates the many of side eyes you’ll get if you draw attention away from the bribe.

Mix Floral Wrap Silk Dress $100                            


Melonie T Floral Fit Dress $ 59.99


Some may think it’s impossible to take the attention away from the bride especially when she’s more than likely draped down in lace, bling and a plunging neckline. This is why when contemplating on a solid color dress your best bet it to stay away from any and everything related to white! Of course this sounds like an obvious faux pas for a wedding guest; however you’ll be surprised how many people think champagne (the color) is okay.

Red Wrap Slip Dress $68                                          

red dress  

Spenser Jeremy Striped Mess Dress $39.99


When going with a solid color dress a vivid hue will always be the answer, combined with the right accessories you should never have to worry if you’re standing out in the wrong way.

So have no fear when sending back those wedding RSVP’s, with these simple guidelines and tips this should make your wedding guest shopping a much easier!

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