“One of the greatest things that the Cuban Revolution has one is preserve history”     -Assata Shakur

Friday, October 14, 2016 marked an amazing change of events when President Obama lifted the Cold War trade embargo with Cuba after half a century. Let the flood gates open to American tourist clamoring to get a glimpse of an island that is steeped in historical preservation –may it be good or bad.

Flight alerts are the plug…honestly!   After one of my best friends text me frantically about the deal of the century after she received the alert for direct flights to Cuba via JetBlue, it sparked several calls to my mom and husband with only questions of who can take of work and when. An impulsive buy for sure but it was all worth it!

Cuba is ABSOLUTELY amazing. The culture. The people. The history. The land. It’s so rich in charm and stories of the revolution and what it meant for the people both old and young. Our flight to Cuba took on a new meaning when Fidel Castro died only a few days before our arrival. What the meant for us? It meant, no music, no alcohol, no major attractions like baseball games. I mean for me that’s the essence of Cuba?!

Upon arriving we quickly learned how serious these 9 days of mourning were. People really did not play music even at home and we learned that some bar owners were arrested for selling alcohol under the table. So we made of the best if it and took the time to absorb as much as possible through walking tours, meals complimented with meeting people from all over the world who shared their tips and tricks to getting around Havana. It was only until our third day into our trip where we realized the stark contrast.

Day four was LIT. LIVE. IN LIVING COLOR. – I think even the dogs woke up. The amazing sounds of the street, the vibrant culture returned with such ease. Dancing in streets resumed and nightlife kicked in to high gear with bands playing their songs on almost every corner.

We left on the fifth day in love and vowed to return soon.


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