I love love turbans!  They really are my go-to when my hair is still wet and I need to go out or simply to give my hair a rest from all the tugging and manipulating.  Over the years, I’ve played around with a number of ways to tie a turban from what I call the “unicorn” to my new favorite the “bow”.  I’m often asked how to do the “bow” so I wanted to share.


The Bow

Not all pieces of cloth are created equal so to get this look, that square scarf isn’t going to cut it.  I purchased a yard of fabric and cut it in half and then sewed the two long ends together to get one long piece of fabric.  Once you have that, you’re ready to get you bow turban situated.

  1. Place the piece of fabric at the nape of your neck so that one end is in each hand.
  2. Cross the ends and make a knot similarly to how you would start tying your shoe laceturban cross
  3. Create bunny ears and tie the front into a bow – again, similarly to how you would tie your shoe lace.
  4. You’ll see that sometimes one side is longer that the other – don’t worry we can fix that.turban long
  5. If you look at the crown of your head, you’ll see that there’s an empty space there. Tuck in the extra fabric as well as that long straggly piece of fabric to fill the void.
  6. The shorter piece of fabric can be tucked under the front of the bow.
  7. To finish off your look you can fan out the fabric in the bow for a more dramatic look. If not, you can leave it as is.


See 7 easy steps to achieve the look and it probably only took you 5 minutes (maybe a little more for your first time).  Soon enough you’ll have the hang of it and it will be easy as 1-2-3.

turban finish


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