White jeans are my FAVORITE and I wear them no matter the time of the year. But honestly I find them to be one of the hardest things to master.  You’re probably thinking “uh they’re jeans, no biggie” but for me it’s an issue.  Between being 5’11” and having some serious curves back there, white jeans are either too short, lack stretch (leaving me to always fight to pull them up throughout the day, or transparent. YES! Transparent.  These curves have “blessed” me with cellulite on the back of my thighs and there are some white jeans out there are truly unforgiving showing every lump and bump.

I received these high waist beautifies from Alloy and couldn’t wait to rock them.  Okay here comes the rave…first of all yes to stretch! Everything fits in the right places and I’m not suffering from the waist gap issue in the back that big butt girls often have.  Also the fact that they have the option of longer inseams makes my life so much easier …no more unintentional capri’s for me.

Sunnies: ALDO | Shirt: Club Monaco | Jeans: Alloy | Shoes: Guess 

jeansIMG_5359IMG_5361IMG_5397IMG_5384jeans ankles


6 thoughts on “NEW JEANS ALERT”

  1. Although I’m not particularly curvy, I’m on the taller side of skinny and am having similar issues finding jeans that fit. I’ll def checkout Alloy cause it sounds like they have options!

  2. Nice! I’ve been looking for some white jeans for the longest. Hudson is another great brand for us curvy tall girls. Just discovered them this past weekend… I’m prob super late.

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