With it being spring in all its time to put a spotlight on our eyes and how we anticipate protecting them from the sun rays this season. Sunglasses are like people, they come in many distinct shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any & every face silhouettes. Of course there are the classic aviators and wayfarer styles that we love an depend on, yet as fashion enthusiast we’re daring always ready to push the envelope to make a statement. Eyewear is no exception. Here is a list of our favorite sunglass trends for spring/summer season.


Geometric Shapes

Yes we love a round or square frame but why not combine the two and wear a frame with multiple sides. This style is all the way out of the box while adding a quirky look to your spring pieces.

Miu Miu Geometric Sunglasses


NastyGal Structured Shades $12.00


We are all familiar with the cat eye look it’s been around for decades, however; this style is not like your grandmothers pair that you “borrowed” from her. This new and improved version entails more embellishments while conveying a futuristic shape. This is a modern & chic look for the season.

Unique Cat Eye Sunglasses $9.90


Fendi Cat Eye Sunglasses $389

FendiBridge Mania

Like I mentioned earlier we love and appreciate the aviator style. Our infatuation has grown even more now that more emphasis has been placed on the bridge of the frame. This look screams contemporary and we love it!

Dior Brow Bar Sunglasses $620


ASOS Double Nose Bridge $19.90 


Clear frames are on the opposite end of the spectrum to those black frames we are accustomed to. The transparent frame provides a fresh alternative to eyewear we all need for the spring summer season.



Womens SO Clear Frame $11.99

ClearThe Frame-Less Frame

Yes you read it correctly frameless frames. This style is for the person who is afraid to be bold and brazen yet still wants to shake things up a bit. Bringing things to back to the nitty gritty indulging in this style will give you a futuristic feel yet still appropriate for the office.

Reflective Frameless Sunglasses $289                                                                                       


Chanel Frameless $125


After going through this list we hope you notice some styles that fit into your wardrobe for this season! Until next time Loves!!


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