Consistently in the pursuit to master that “wash and go” that everyone’s talking about. Am I the only who feels like that idea is something out of an alternate world?


jane carter toolsAnyway in my pursuit of wash and go happiness, I decided to give it a try with Jane Cater Solution Incredible Curl. It’s light weight formula had me a bit skeptical since I’m so use to using gel in combination with my leave-in. Now, I made sure to apply while still in the shower with freshly washed SOAKING wet hair.

What they say about the product:

Curly wash & wear styling cream for fine to medium curly hair.

Incredible Curls is the perfect curl definer for finer curly, wavy, and coily hair.

It gives your hair great hold, drying soft and shiny with great curl definition.

It is a great product for curly hair that gets weighed down easy.

It’s the perfect creamy consistency, making the application process quick and simple.

Shea butter and Avocado oil seal moisture into the cuticle giving you bouncy, shiny, manageable curls.

This product never flakes or builds up.


The cream consistency was gentle enough for me to immediately start on detangled hair from the front and working my way to the nap of my neck. With the multitude of different textures in my hair I notice some serious definition in parts and then wild frizz in others – I’m not sure what this means if you have a tighter curl pattern but for the parts that were defined it was glorious!!! To get my hair to the stage where I could leave my house without a towel around my neck, I sat under my hooded drier for about 30 minutes. This is where I’m lost with the whole wash and go idea lol

jane cater

The great thing about not using gel is that your hair dries significantly faster. So about 30 minutes later with the combination of my diffuser I was in a good place (about 80% dry). I had a good thing going until I was time for me to fluff my hair so that I could go shoot for a project. That’s where I think I’d say things went “wrong”.


Once I started fluffing frizz set in pretty much everywhere…


There were parts that remained defined but I believe it was necessary for my hair to dry 110% before I could do anything with it (not a fan of that).

jaen carter solution

Looking back on the experience, I do like this product for it’s smell and consistency however I think my hair may be too dense – I’d need to use at least half the tube to really get each curl to lay the same as the others.


My advice to you…if you have looser more unified curls this may be the one for you. Be sure to fully detangle your hair before attempting to apply the cream for even distribution.


Until the next review… x


  1. Hi Danielle!
    Thank you so much for your feedback! You are absolutely right, Incredible Curls works best on fine, looser curls. If you feel your hair is too dense for it, our Curl Defining Cream would be a way better match for you! It’s heavier and has a thicker consistency and a little goes a long way. We guarantee you will love the results. It can be used for natural styles and wash and go’s. Although drying time can be a pain, a hooded dryer can be helpful and it’s always best to wait until completely dry to fluff. Hope that helps!

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