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It’s been such a long time since my last product review and I know that’s something that you’re interested in so sorry about that. I’ve honestly been giving my hair a break from all the product experimentation and really stuck with what I know best.


Shampoo – Trader Joes | Conditioner – Tressemme Flawless Curl 
Leave-in Conditioner – As I Am


Well the lovely people at DevaCurl sent me a little goodie box to try and honestly I had such a great experience I wanted to share (no they didn’t ask me to write about the product). Now my original impression of DevaCurl has always been based on their marketing. I don’t’ believe it is marketed for a curl that’s tighter or kinky-er and is photographed on hair that has a very loose curl pattern more times than not so I’ve never felt the urge to give it a try – lets just say it didn’t speak to me.

I digress…so last weekend I was due a wash and thought that since I had extra time at home it would be a good time to try. Of the 5 products sent I only used 4 because I wasn’t sure if they could all be used at once(the direction print on the bottles are super tiny). I shampooed with the No-Poo Decadence ultra moisturizing shampoo which did leave my hair pretty moisturized. I’m a girl who doesn’t really stray away from sulfate shampoo’s because I do get a lot of build up but this no suds shampoo really worked. Okay so after shampooing one time, I followed up with deep conditioning Heaven in Hair treatment that I left in while I hit the gym and cleaned my apartment (about 2.5 hours total).


Now before washing the deep conditioner out I added the milk conditioner combed it out which was pretty easy and then rinsed with mild water.   I have to say the slip that we all know and love isn’t as intense as I am accustomed to when I use my beloved Tresseme but it did the job. I finished the process with some of my As I Am leave-in and Devacurls B’Leave In twisted the detangled sections (6 to be exact – 3 on each side) and then defused each section after splitting those sections in 2.


The results were pretty dope! Big hair from the beginning, which isn’t something that typically happens when I defuse my hair. It’s usually SUPER tamed so it was a pleasant surprise to be where I wanted to be on day one instead of waiting till day 3.

4 days later my hair is still very soft and defined. I sleep with a silk bonnet and each morning spritz with water, fluff and go. I am starting to see a light dusting of flakes here and there but since I cocktailed products with another brand that might be a reaction to that.

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