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With the express lane to Cuba now open, this island has become the hot spot for travelista’s.  I am also obsessed with idea of visiting a once forbidden land.  With parts of the country seemingly stuck in the 50’s the allure is so strong – (politic’s aside).


Image: Vice

Now I don’t have my flight purchased yet, but in the coming years I do hope to visit! For the time being a girl can only dream, be inspired and map out her travel wardrobe – right? 

For a chic alternative to the usual flip flops, I’d totally go with either a fringe or pom-pom accent.

Image: ASOS sandals with pom-pom

Stella JeanStella Jean Zone Manager Slippers 

Nothing says island life like the cliché tropical print.  I mean island folks do-not do the same banana leaf print as us city folks but hey…when in Rome try something different.


 BCBG Alyna Dress

White on white for a night in Havana – so dreamy and full of fantasy!

Lois London Roxy Dress 

And when it comes to accessories…gold all the way.  After a few kisses from the sun, the contrast will be gorgeous.

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