I’ve been asked a few times about my hair and what I do to achieve certain styles.  My focus isn’t my hair but as I continue working on trying to inspire your wardrobe, I’m glad to hear that my hairstyles inspire as well.  There isn’t much rhyme or reason for my process and I’m a person of routine so what I find myself doing now is due to less due to trial and error and more about sticking with what has worked for my mom.  If at any point it worked for me, I don’t see the reason to try other products – I keep it really simple.

Cheers to being 3 years natural.  Here’s what I do!

To wash my hair:  the products that I use are Organix shampoo and Tresseme Naturals conditioner.  I normally only shampoo my hair bi-weekly.  On the off week, I just use the Tresseme conditioner to refresh and hydrate my hair.

To seal my hair: I use ‘As I Am’ leave-in conditioner and grape seed oil.  More recently, my bestfriend gave me some Trader Joe’s coconut oil and so I’ve add that to mix.  This takes place after every shampoo wash and co-wash.

To style my hair: I suffer from a great deal of shrinkage (as so most women with natural hair), so I always half flat twist my hair in 8-10 sections and let it dry over night.  By morning my hair isn’t fully dry (because that takes FOREVER) but I’ve noticed that when I take out my twists when they are still slightly damp they look better and wear better for the coming days.  This is my go-to!

*half flat twist is when I only twist the roots.  I use to twist all the way down my head (similar to cornrows) but I liked the way it came out but didn’t like that it didn’t last longer than a day and a half.

To style my hair on stretched hair: After about day 3, I simply comb out my hair and put it in 5-6 bantu knots after spraying it with water and applying more leave-in conditioner.  I leave it like this overnight or for a couple hours before leaving the house.  My hair doesn’t need much time to set.

To stretch my hair when wet:  I use the after market version of curlformers that I found on ebay.  Now in my defense, I purchased the real deal but didn’t know enough then and bought the wrong size so I couldn’t see myself spending all that money again.  Anyway back at it…so to stretch my hair off the bat I use “curlformers” but apply a little eco styler gel so that the curls stay for a longer period of time.  My only struggle with this is that the curls get too loose by day 2 and I’m forced to put it in a bun by day 3.  I enjoy the lightness that I feel once my hair has dried.  This is my fall back plan when I’m tired of the thick roots.

Above all that I’ve mentioned, I sprits my hair with water every morning.  The only time that I don’t is when it’s blown straight for obvious reasons but otherwise … water it is!

I hope this helps.  I’d love to hear from you.

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