Okay so who is tired of wearing that winter coat cause this weather just refuses to give us Spring!! Granted that winter coat was appealing and stylish for the shorter days the longer nights that came with winter, however a chic transitional coat is a must.   If you immediately thought of the Bomber Jacket then you’re on the money. The Bomber Jacket is guaranteed to take you from those chilly mornings to comfortable afternoons of spring. With so many styles suitable for every occasion, here is a list of Bomber Styles you should have a look into.


The Floral Bomber

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate the spring by wearing flowers yet not really into the whole “dresses with flowers on them thing” then this jacket is for you. Adding this on top of your outfit allows you to stay on trend while still being comfortable yet feminine.

Yoyomelody Flowers Bomber Jacket $18.50

pink_black bomber

DKNY Floral Lace Bomber Jacket $297

DkNY bomber


The Satin Bomber

Satin is a sleek and chic which always adds an extra flare to the most causal outfit. Having a satin bomber will automatically bring your outfit to the next level simultaneously turning the heads of on lookers.

Top Shop Shiny MA1 Bomber Jacket $115

Satin1 bomber

T by Alexander Wang Satin Bomber Jacket $595

Awang bomber


The Quilted Bomber

The quilted Bomber has the same affect as the other styles in regards to the luxurious feeling you get while wearing it. I just appreciate the added texture the quilted-look has and how bad-ass you’ll be.

Coach Quilted Blouson Jacket $ 495

Quilted bomber


The Longline Bomber

This type of bomber is very unique and actually a bit more masculine. Considering this jacket has a longer silhouette, it allows you to pair it up with more distinctive outfits and is great for a layering effect.

Yoyomelody Bomber Jacket $28.50

Black_LL bomber


There are so many options when it comes bomber jackets and honestly they fit every body type.  Depending on what type of feel you’re looking for will determine which style you should indulge in!


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