If you’ve been living under a rock and have not realized that in this day and age social media is EVERYTHING, now you know! It has bridged the gap between strangers and celebrities/influencers allowing us to get a glimpse into each other’s lives. There being so many social media outlets along with many people who work in different industries on them how do we know who to follow. There are a couple of influential women who make a living with complex trades who should be added to your list.


Julee Wilson- @missjulee


Julee Wilson who is the newly appointed Digital Fashion & Beauty Director at ESSENCE.com is a Harlem bred mother to an adorable son. This lady is amusing and charismatic which makes her like the cousin we never had. If she is not reviewing beauty products then she is dropping her infamous #Wombfire hashtag to describe any and everything mommy-related.


Amber Venerable- @avenerable


Born & bred Texan, Amber decided to take her talents to the big apple where she is now Photo Editor at Parent Magazine where she’s worked on one of the most memorable covers with Kelly Rowland and son Titan.   She serves globetrotting glam all the time from New Orleans to Cuba.


Tiffany Reid- @tiffanyreid_


Native New Yorker Ms. Reid is the Senior Fashion Market Editor at Cosmopolitan and she wears it well. Tiffany is a constant jet setter, flying across the world with the advantage of viewing exclusive lines and products before they hit the shelves.  #dreamjob


Ericka Goodman– @ericka_editor


She is Howard alum that climbed the ranks in her career to become Senior Fashion Editor at Ebony. Lately Ebony has been showing out with recent covers and is brain & beauty has been behind it all.


Kitty Cash– @kittycash_


This young lady is eccentric, out-going and of course she’s a DJ. You can catch Kitty on the 1’s and 2’s at some of the most significant parties across the world. Yes she’s a DJ but something tells me she has something else up her sleeve.


Elaine Welteroth– @elainewelteroth


Elaine’s golden curly afro can be seen from a mile away. Currently she is making history at Teen Vogue as the Beauty & Health Director with the new and innovative cover stories that she has collaborated on.


Ursula Stephan –@ursulastephan


If you are ever in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and need your hair done then Ursula Stephan’s Salon should be your stop. Not only does she dominate her own salon, Ursula is also a brand ambassador for Motions along with being a celebrity hair stylist. This lady is busy and she wear she busyness with so much sophistication and swag.


Dana Blair– @justdanablair


A modern day renaissance women serving Leonardo DaVinci realness with a number of things on her plate. She’s an entrepreneur as well as an on-air personality for ESSENCE live. We love Dana and the way she uplifts the women around her.


Kela Walker-@kelawalker



Kela is an ambitious Emmy nominated TV host & Producer on NYC life (Channel 25). Her extrovert personality automatically allows her to stand out from the crowd. If she is not busy giving media tips on her snapchat then you will catch her on the run through the city!


Karleen Roy-@vanitygroupnyc


You know you’re badass when A-list celebrities have your # on speed dial like Karleen. This lady is the founder of The Vanity Group, a luxury lifestyle management company. She is the brains behind most of the top notch parties across the globe for high profile clients. Karleen has been able to pull high caliber events under tight time constraints allotting her as the “Olivia Pope” of her industry.

– Clarissa

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