I’ve been obsessing over this Zara green velvet suit since the fall collection hit stores – so much so that it was on my christmas list.  Now, it didn’t make it under the tree but I still have my eye on her.

I’m going to try to get still get my hands on the suit but my issue continues to be that Zara has decided to limit the amount of larges in its collection #thisisamerica. This butt STRUGGLES to squeeze into any medium…LIKE struggles! I’m actually delusional when I try on a medium pant.  I do however have my fingers crossed since these pants are designed as wide leg.

Now should I buy this suit, the real question is where am I going?  I don’t have any events lined up where it would make sense to wear it but I may just have to find one.

Am I the only person noticing the size chat changes ?  This can’t be life.


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