I am always on the look-out for interesting recipes to cater to my vegan clientele and have recently been intrigued by recipes for vegan meringue cake made from bean liquid also known as aquafaba.  I was inspired to try a recipe from another food blog because of Dani’s birthday, I created an alternative to a traditional birthday cake since she isn’t really much of a cake easter. 

For this dessert I used tropical fruits, including pineapple, kiwi and shaved mango rather than berries and garnished the final “cake” with toasted coconut.

*The day before Dani arrived I set up some raspberry and strawberry testers.

The meringue was tasty, almost identical to those made with egg whites.  I honestly was hoping to have thicker layers of meringue but found that they spread very quickly when I put them in the oven.  For the next batch, I would suggest reducing the recommended oven temperature from 250 degrees F to the lowest temperature possible and extending the cooking time.

meringue cake


meringue ovenmeringue set upIMG_5275IMG_5273 (1)IMG_5261

So yummy and a really big hit.  What are your thoughts on this take on a birthday “cake”?  A feeling a little inspired? I hope so.



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