I have found the HOLY GRAIL!!!! Okay well what I would consider the holy grail of hair care.  After much trepidation and a series of stalker-ish phone calls and texts to my friend in DC, I caved and purchased Curlformers.  They arrived and for whatever reason I didn’t jump on them immediately.  I think I waited about two weeks before attempting to use them.  Much of my concern was over the amount of money I spent on them and that if they didn’t work I would have wasted damn near $70.

Soo on Sunday night I decided to dive in.  Since I already know that my hair takes forever and a day to air dry, I decided to spritz and detangle my hair before threading my hair through the curler.  Here’s how it went…

Spritz, spritz, spritz

Add leave-in conditioner

Comb from the ends up

Paddle brunch to smooth my hair out

Add a little fax seed gel with a focus on the ends

Thread into curler


I followed those steps for each section of hair.  The styling kit that I chose came with 24 Curlfomers in long and extra wide but since I have a lot of hair I was short on formers when it came to the front.  Painfully, I had to go back and combine some pieces in the back so that the front had enough to make it defined.  All in all, I think I need 32 formers and will be ordering more so I don’t have that issue the next time.

I’ve always had the issue of being able to maintain a style for more than one day since going natural which really annoys me. I was prayed that this wouldn’t be the same thing.  Monday night before bed, I tied my hair loosely upside down with a satin scarf and then placed a satin bonnet over the top.  I was soo nervous going to bed that I’d wake up in the morning with half my hair flat but to my surprise it held up pretty well.

I’m not sure what day three will look like because I’m going on vacation but if I’m able to take a picture I’ll update the post.  Since the Curlfomers stretch out the hair without heat, I know for sure it will be easier to pull my hair back into a bun and for me that it was worth it and I will do it again!

Thank you Curlformers lol (my version of a television testimonial 🙂


8 thoughts on “THE HOLY GRAIL OF HAIR”

  1. GORGEOUS! I need to research these curlformers… I scrolled down to your pic and my eyes bulged out of my head 🙂 Yay to natural hair success!

  2. These look really good on you! I tried them on my natural hair, and they don’t look as fun, i think if my hair was longer it might.

      1. My hair outgrew them 🙁 I have the shortest ones, but before my hair just didn’t lay right, I did find a post on flexy rodding natural hair it came out well, but with the curl formers i had to use to much product to get what i had, but i have to sell my short curl formers now. I can’t use them at all.

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