It’s rare that I actually take a lunch break so when I had the opportunity to take some time for myself this week, I thought it only right to take a few snaps as well – I was really in love with my look and wanted to share.   I shared a post about mixing and matching prints a few months ago and you know what? It’s one of my favorite things to do!    I wore the same shirt from that post and paired it with my new Zara skirt this week for a more professional look.


Blouse: Zara (old) | Skirt: Zara (recent sale/alternate option) | Shoes: Sigerson Morrison (old)

Black and white strips really do go with pretty much everything!  In the world of mixing prints, stripes and leopards are neutrals.  So pairing different stripe combinations is really simply and easy as long as it compliments your body type.  As you can see, my top has vertical stripes that are evenly distributed vs my skirt’s slanted horizontal stripes that are more blocky.  The reason this really works is because they are inversed prints.  The slight contrast between the two makes the look all the more intriguing and when paired with a solid sandal … chic, chic, chic.


Another reason why this look is a favorite of mine is that it transitions easily for after work plans. There are 3 ways that I foresee this look working for me after work.

  1.  If you have a lace bra, you can open up a few more buttons on the blouse for a sexy happy hour moment.
  2. Change into slim fit jeans and keep on the top and sandals
  3. Either wear or change into a camisole and keep on the skirt and sandals.

So simple and easy – a winning combination!

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