Hair color today, hair color gone tomorrow!

Just like years past, I played around with the color of my hair in 2016.  As extreme as I thought I was taking it, looking backI played it pretty safe and kept my color within the same family.  I kicked off the year with a black rinse and then lifted the ends for an ombre.  Somewhere in the middle of the year, Teyana Taylor’s cinnamon and spice locks inspired me to go that direction but I realized that that took a bit of up keep so I wrapped the year with dimensional highlights to give my curls more depth and definition.

The back of my hair is still pretty solid with one color so I believe I’m going to add highlights there are as well.  But as we all know color takes time and to avoid breakage I have to patient.

This year I did experiment a bit with products and you know but honestly I don’t have any bad news to report.

The usual suspects…

Tested this year…


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