A few months ago I bought a “floppy brimmed hat” at H&M and it really ended up being a failure. The deal is I have a large head…I’m not afraid to share that. BUT the issue isn’t just that, it’s that I have all these curls on top of having a man-sized head.


Okay back to the point…I bought the hat in a rush one evening after work from the men’s section. I could have sworn it was perfect in the store but by the time I got home…I knew it wasn’t right.   Since I had already popped the tag I couldn’t return so it instantly became a reminder that there are somethings that you just need to invest in.

This hat purchase was really the straw that broke the camels back. So, I decided to do as I’ve been told over the years about my purchases “if it’s not a trend and will always be a staple, then invest”.  And invest I did (a real hat from about hat store is a pretty penny).  With my mom in tow, we went to Flamekeepers Hat Club in Harlem.


flamekeepers msdanidk

Flamekeepers is a beautiful appointed establishment run by two very knowledgeable, sharp, eclectic-geared gentlemen who made the 30 min’s or so we were there, fun and easy.


Sadly ladies there are no fascinators, church hats, turbans, etc. However, if you’re looking for a beautifully made Fedora, Apple-Jack, Stetsons, Panama, Beaver, Pork Pie or Top hat (think #formation) to classily accessorize your ensemble, I’d recommend stopping by Flamekeepers.


Oh and honestly the customer service was great! They were patient and happy to assist. I honestly walked out of their store with my new hat in hand strutting like a “grown woman should”.


Don’t forget to tell Mark the dapper gentlemen with heavy beard that Dani-DK sent you.



  1. So D, how are you containing you’re curls in this beautiful fedora? Any style suggestions for wannabe hat wearers with big hair?

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