Entering into 2017 my focus has been self-care. From a revised skin care regimen to making time to read novels and fully immerse myself in them to fitness.  If you follow me on Instagram stories you’ve probably noticed that my fitness journey really began just after the first week of January. Through interval training with Tabata classes, spinning and swimming I’ve jumpstarted the new healthier me!

All my training has been in-doors, which can be a daunting, and boring.  With the one-day break in temperature New York City had before the snow storm I made sure to take advantage and head to the West Harlem Piers.

Before jumping into my new routine I have to address to the fashion aspect (obviously).  Studies have made mention about the correlation between dressing the part and achieving your goals. I’m a believer and even in fitness I find it to be a necessity. There’s nothing worse than hitting the gym already not feeling like it but adding that wrinkled t-shirt from college at the bottom of your drawer and ultra faded leggings from 10 years ago – there is no way that you can look in the mirror and feel like a fitness vixen!

Now I have a ways to go to meet my personal fitness goals but I know looking the part makes me feel like I am a little bit closer to them without even breaking a sweat.  The On Gossamer Active Uplift Sports bra is the newest addition to my fitness wardrobe.

Contemporary and cool – the design is an essential for the girl looking to stay fit and fashionable. The design of the bra gives me some added lift that is always needed coupled with the important support of a sports bra. Designed in 4 different colors, the active uplift bra can get you through an entire day. For the days that I work out after work, having the option to use the same bra that I put on in the morning to and keep it on for a workout, the bra removes at least one more thing I have to pack in my gym bag – and since the back can be fastened into a racer back that’s even more versatility! It light fabric and sweat wickable design really helps on those days when you’ve kicked training into high gear.

Again dressing the part and having your gym look have a dual purpose, you are not only saving money but also looking great. Now couple your bra with the right tights, sneakers and playlist you are set up for success.

*Sponsored by On Gossamer

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by: Pete Monsanto

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