Keeping your curly (natural or processed) hair in tip-top condition is primary to healthy, strong hair. There are some of us who hate taking time out of their day to deep condition their hair and will tell you that simply putting the conditioner in after shampooing then washing out by the time they’re finished showering is enough and they may be right…for a few days, months maybe years. However, as time goes by and our hair strands age dryness and subsequent breakage the bane of our hair journey are now ours to repair. This repair in some cases calls for losing several inches or even the dreaded big chop.

So to avoid this from occurring, I do an overnight deep conditioning once maybe twice a month as part of my regimen. I find it helps to hydrates my strands to circumvent the dreaded cut as opposed to a trim. I first shampoo my hair with a clarifying shampoo followed with an apple cider vinegar rinse and then I apply a thick creamy conditioner to my sopping wet hair while finger combing out the tangles. I then put on a shopping plastic bag (more about that below) and then I put on my $5 turban and off to be I go.

There are times when my curls are not “acting right” and I’m shedding a lot even though I’m being very careful not to over-manipulate my hair and to sleep in a silk scarf. In those moments, my go-to is a protein conditioner and my holy grail is Aphogee 2-Step Treatment. The instructions are simple really however, I use my trusty shampoo and ACV then apply step 1 the protein sit bareheaded under the dryer for several minutes until my hair is dry – crispy dry. This will take several minutes depending on the density of your hair. I usually wait maybe 10 – 15 minutes without touching it for the heat to dissipate then I step into the shower and again using tepid water allow the flow of the water to wash the product out. Thereafter, I use a mix of Aphogee conditioner and Hair Rules deep conditioner overnight with plastic bag and turban.

The following morning I remove both turban and plastic bag, allow my hair to cool off a bit and then I simply stand under the shower and rinse the conditioner out. Note, I do not manipulate the strands with a comb or my fingers while rinsing. I simply allow the water to flow through my hair and at times I’ll hold my head as low as I possibly can and give it several shakes. I then followup with a leave-in conditioner (again creamy) with a few drops of Castor oil or a serum – whatever I’m in the mood to apply to help seal in the moisture and prepare my hair to be styled.

Products I use are Fantasia Pure Aloe Shampoo, 3 tablespoonful of ACV in 3 cups of warm water, Hair Rules Ultra Rich Deep Conditioner. Leave-in varies really sometimes it’s Kinky Curly Knot Today or, As I Am Leave-In Conditioner and Heritage Castor Oil (no additives/odor and Hexane free). Ladies, if you don’t have a turban your local hair supply store has many colors, I’m sure you’ll be able to coordinate with your nightwear! I use the plastic bag because they are thicker which means more heat generated and best of all they do not leak moisture as the plastic caps do. Bonus, they’re free!

So those are my regimen the products I use are what I’ve found to work best for my hair texture and the coloring it has endured. What’s your?



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