I’d like to introduce you to a part of me that I haven’t covered yet on my blog that a friend reminded me of… Dani-DK Living.  I have many interests, many of which have a creative flair and home decor is no different. DIY I would say is my thing but consistently shifting and reusing things that I have help keep things fresh.  I hope you find yourself inspired to try something new in your home.  Any questions?  I’m here.

Short on funds but not time?  Try making a project out of your home.  Prior to moving in with my fiance, I wanted to do an accent wall but didn’t want to settle for a solid wall.  With the help of two of my friends, what I ended up with were chevron stripes that span across the largest wall in my living.  This was a major under taking (many many rolls of painters tape) to say that least but what I ended up with what still amazes me and is a great conversation piece.

Check back tomorrow to see the finished product!


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