To know me is to know that I consistently change the design of my living space.  I get it from my mom.  My childhood bedroom always had a rotation of pictures on the way.  My dorm room had two twin xl long bed pulled together to make a king sized bed, the barebones furniture was always shifting and the decor consistently evolving – I’ll call it mild OCD.  This desire to constantly ‘upgrade’ my home continues today but always provides a different look and perspective. I’m happy to say, I think I’m finally done with this part of my home.

The media center has grown with leaps and bounds.  I started with a glass console table from Crate and Barrel hoping that the glass would provide a light and airy environment.  It worked for a short amount of time but then the wires started driving me nuts and the glasses ability to attract every dust particle made me want to permanently strap a Windex bottle to my hand.  The goal was always to find something big enough yet minimalistic enough to provide storage and character.  So the next step was to find a vintage piece that I could either paint or deconstruct to my taste.  I settled on a mid-centry piece that was once at my moms being used as a dresser but is now the home to my dvd player, wii, extra coffee table books, dvd’s and entertainment dining pieces.  It’s simply perfect!

What do you use as a media center?




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