The newly web bone has seriously taken over. Why? … I decided to take on hosting Thanksgiving – only minor regrets have ensued. Now it’s not my first time having Thanksgiving at my house but HOSTING that’s a whole different bag of tricks. That’s me being the person to make the turkey and all other important dished and if I said I made one turkey I’d be lying. Yes, I was an overachiever and made two 9lb birds – under the watchful eye of my mom that is (it worked out to be a great bonding experience).

Oh and if that isn’t crazy enough, Mr. Man, a friend and I built another dining table to accommodate all our guests.   A Home Depot trip, walking down the street with huge cuts of wood, drilling, nuts and bolts, and several lacquers of stain and gloss and viola we have a table that seats 8 guests VERY comfortably and it has the option to collapse a section of it for a more intimate setting.

If you don’t recall the first table that Mr. Man and I Ikea hacked here you go! A perfectly good table – again sanded, stained and glossed BUT it was a bit too tight if too many people thought to try and break bread together.

*Last Thanksgiving

I don’t think the weekend before Thankgiving was ideal for such a project however we got through it to the tune of Saturday football and a couple nights of glossing while the best jams played in the background.

So without further adieu here’s the unveiling of our new dining table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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