Clarissa Shine

Clarissa Shine | @sparksflyy88

2015, Fashion Contributor

Clarissa Shine born & raised in New York City (Lower East Side to be exact) is a fun loving women who enjoys the many adventures the city has to offer. She is the middle child of two sisters which means she understands how to compromise well. Clarissa thinks the gym is devil considering she is not the athletic type; however she understands as an adult you need to be in shape. Her favorite color is gray and her favorite ice cream is coffee flavored.

She loves Spanish food and I mean all kinds from arroz con gandules to mofongo, boy does she love mofongo. Clarissa is extremely adventurous! She is the one out of the group who is down to skydive or jump off a cliff into water, mind you she can’t swim. Some will say she is crazy for needing her adrenaline rush tank filled, yet others know that is just Clarissa. This lady has a wild sense of humor, always looking to laugh while making others laugh as well.

Lets not neglect the fact that she enjoys dancing (no not twerking, well maybe a little) to all kinds of music. Just know if you get to hang with Clarissa one day, you will be amused!


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Tola Ozim

2015, Beauty Contributor

Tola is a Beautybum at heart and strives to provide practical and insightful coverage of what you really need to know about beauty. With a background as an attorney and writer, she now keeps up with the fast pace at which fashion and beauty collide. Tola has a passion for innovation, creativity, start-ups. When not freelancing as a writer, she keeps abreast of the latest in beauty and fashion tech startups.


Shanika Hillocks@shanikayvette

2014, Contributing Eater

 Hi all! I’m Shanika, a recent transplant to NYC and the wordsmith behind the Sips and Bites posts here on Dani-DK for the 2015. 

Throughout my high school and college years, I learned the ins and outs of hospitality through years of hosting and serving at restaurants. After graduating, I traded Florida’s beaches for the grit of the Empire State to start my career in the Public Relations.

Currently, I’m a drinks industry PR professional where I work with clients exclusively within the beverage alcohol         space. When I’m not imbibing in the name of industry research, I’m having a bite at one of my favorite eateries, reading up on (and enjoying) wine, or developing a new recipe and sharing it on Dani-DK.

Feel free to join me in the kitchen, ask questions and share your home-cooking experiences. I look forward to hearing from you!   You can also visit me  at

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