I’ve been asked what products I use on my natural hair so I figured I share along with provide a review on the latest product I’ve tried.

Every week I wash my hair with Organix Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner (recently discovered it’s only $5 only online).  I also deep condition with a myrad of products found at home but what’s consistent is that I always add Olive Oil to the mixture (I need to commit to some deep conditioning products).  While detangling my hair, outside of the shower, I apply Almond Oil and Orgnx Moringa Oil complex (not related to the shampoo).  Finally when I go to flat twist my hair I use Palmers Coconut Oil.



Now that may sound like a lot of moisturizers and oils but please believe that my hair is DESERT DRY.  I re-twist sometimes nightly and add more coconut oil and by the days end it’s dry again.

As of late with the help of my mom, I’ve started watching various natural hair video blogs courtesy of YouTube and I think I’m going to start trying a different conditioning method.  I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

Sites that I watch: NAPTUAL85 & KIMMAYTUBE

Okay now for the testimonial/review!  Over the weekend I purchased Shea Moisture Curling Soufflé.  My first use of the product was on my old twist out (which no longer even remotely resembled a twist out if you ask me and was dirt DRY!) but it kinda just sat on top of it and had a gummy feeling.  So that night while at my girl’s house I washed my hair and tried to use it with wet/damp hair.  I must admit, since I didn’t plan to wash my hair outside of my home, I didn’t have all my products so this soufflé came in handy with helping detangle my hair.  I moved forward with the twist out that I’ve modified and can now complete in 15 minutes.  Once finished, I headed home and tied down my hair with my satin scarf.  Just like any other work morning I did everything that I needed to do and left my hair unveiling for last.  The only difference is that my hair was SOAKING WET!  I haven’t had hair this wet the next morning since before going natural.  There was something about trying to do a twist out on relaxed hair that took 2-3 days to air dry…. I digress.

download (1)


Glossy, gummy, wet and not.quite.curled, is what I was left with.  The struggle was real and I was left rocking my handy-dandy turban to work.  I pulled out the front twist which was half dry but still gross and gummy.  By the time I returned home I figured my hair would be dry but the joke was on me and my hair was damp, not wet.  Progress right? I don’ t know.  I couldn’t believe it and so I undid every twist and turn in my head to let it air dry.  The curls were there…defined and all but gummy.  YUCK!  To look at it was cool and all but to touch is was an another story.  This all led me to another night of watching videos and testimonials (instead of going to bed early) about the soufflé to find several women who have had the same issue …too much application.  I wanted to wash it all out but was convinced otherwise by my mother to re-twist and apply H2O sparingly.  I hope that the water looses up this “soul glow” effect.  My fingers are crossed.

The life and times I tell you… THE LIFE AND TIMES!

Stay tuned!


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