This top has a story…I’ve had my eye on this blouse for SOOO long at H&M.  Its a silk blend number from their studio collection.  Originally priced at $199.99 I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it so I left it to the fashion GOD’s and said if it showed up at a lower price on sale it’d make sure to scoop it up.

Now I saw it at least 3 additional times before my final purchase at $49.99 but each time there was something wrong with it from random holes to super tiny sizes. Anyway… I emerged victorious this summer and this baby is going to take me through the fall in style.

Metallic silver details, draw string waist and beaded hem surprisingly come together in a simple silhouette.

Simple. Cool. Style.

simple cool stylish

Top: H&M  | Jeans: Vintage Jeans | Sandals: Gucci

simple cool stylish simple cool stylish simple cool stylishsimple cool stylish

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